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Helping a Software Solution For The Boards Of Industry Find it’s Audience.

Better Boards offer a SAAS solution to higher end businesses and corporations to help them evaluate their board of directors.

They are keen to be ahead of the curve with their marketing and produce a podcast aimed directly at their prospective customer audience twice a month. They also asked us to help with getting them found online with a strategy and website that converts.

Within the first 3 months of their new site going live and engaging in ongoing SEO strategy, it hit first page for 7 relevant searches.

With some way to go before we can gain traffic from more competitive searches with higher volume, we are confident that Better Boards will start to see a good return on investment within 6 months.



WordPress Website Developement
Conversion Design
Searchterm Research
SEO Strategy Creation
On Page SEO
Blog Content Marketing
Link Building
Social Media Promotion
Page Speed Excelleration

“ has gained first page for over 5 of our searches already within just 3 months of starting the strategy, I’m extremely impressed with EDOT3!”

Sabine Dembkowski, Managing Partner, Better Boards Ltd.


Increase in quality leads via website


Increase in targeted traffic


Overall business growth per month


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