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We are a distinguished UK SEO Agency nestled in central Newcastle upon Tyne. We’re not content with just getting you discovered, we’re committed to turbocharging your digital footprint to its utmost capacity.

Our mantra is simple yet effective: Deliver what the almighty Google cherishes. And what might that be? The resounding answer echoes through the digital canyons: High End Relevant Content. When this masterfully crafted content points its magical fingers back to your site, the digital realm takes notice. Think of it as having the most eloquent of poets singing praises of your business in the bustling town square of the internet.

But what sets EDOT3 SEO Newcastle apart in this vast ocean of digital agencies? Our unwavering devotion to the ethos of quality over quantity. We’re not about the fireworks that fizzle out; we’re the slow-burning lanterns illuminating your brand’s path to sustained prominence.

In an era where everyone claims to be a ‘digital guru’, EDOT3 steer clear of the noise. We let our results do the talking. Every strategy we employ, every campaign we launch, has one goal in mind: to elevate your online standing consistently, progressively, and monumentally.

To put it in a nutshell, while others might be chasing the digital wind, we’re laying down roots for your brand. Deep, strong, unwavering roots in the fertile soil of Google’s algorithms.

So, if you’re looking to not just surface on the digital horizon but to dominate it: look no further, EDOT3 SEO Agency Newcastle is your compass, your North star, guiding you to online grandeur.

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“EDOT3 SEO Newcastle understand our business goals”  “EDOT3 SEO deliver real results”  “fantastic ROI”

“EDOT3 SEO Newcastle understand our business goals”  “EDOT3 SEO deliver real results”  “fantastic ROI”

“EDOT3 SEO Newcastle understand our business goals”  “EDOT3 SEO deliver real results”  “fantastic ROI”

“EDOT3 SEO Newcastle understand our business goals”  “EDOT3 SEO deliver real results”  “fantastic ROI”

“EDOT3 SEO Newcastle understand our business goals”  “EDOT3 SEO deliver real results”  “fantastic ROI”

Neil TurnerDirector, Howarth Litchfield Architects.

We have been with EDOT3 for over 10 years now and they have achieved first page positions for all of our important Architect and Interior Design searches. This has helped us grow and possition HL as the leading independent architects in the North East.

Derk BillhamPractice Manager, Hadaway & Hadaway Solicitors.

Through ongoing strategic SEO by EDOT3 we are now ranking #1 or top 3 first page on Google for all our local searches. This has proven to be the singularly most successful marketing investment in our firms history.

Sabine DembkowskiCEO, Better Boards Ltd.

better-boards.com has gained first page for over 5 of our searches already within just 3 months of starting the strategy, I'm very very impressed with EDOT3!

Cath JobsonPartner, KEP Services.

Since EDOT3 designed kepservices.co.uk in 2011 we have seen great results in our search ranking with the monthly SEO work. The blogs and article marketing are very professional as well as the reports.

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We work closely with a small amount of clients that are eager for success and are serious about transforming their business. We only take on those we are 100% confident that will gain them a substantial return on the investment. Talk with an EDOT3 director and find out if we can help you.


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On Page Optimisation

It's more than just a tweek of your meta data and header or image tags. Your content and site layout are just as important along with factors like keyword density, which we'll work on together.

SEO Strategy

We've helped hundred of businesses and projects in many sectors and know that every situation and site is different. Our special strength is in understanding the best strategy you need.

Clean Content

The content that points to your main business website is all important. Thats why we employ and facilitate the best writers available specific to your sector, and at lower rates than you could negotiate.

Page Speed

How fast your page loads is now a very important ranking factor. With our know-how and experience we'll get your site loading in the blink of an eye - and google will reward you.

Link Building

The quality of our award winning linking strategy is second to none. The best clean, safe and powerful linking is engaged from relevant content which rockets your site above your competition.

Full Reporting

We dont just bounce out a few stats from third party websites like most agencies to get your SEO box ticked for the month. We give you a full report on all the work we've done & rank each month.


Get Ahead of Your Competitors

People are searching for your product or services through the internet. A competent SEO agency will create an effective strategy that will help you to rank higher on search engine results than your competitors. Our strategy will not only enhance your website visibility on Google and other search engines but will also optimize landing pages to increase leads and sales.

An Agency Small Enough to Genuinely Care

Work with a competent SEO agency that still has the personal touch and genuine interest in your results. Our organic search team has decades of expertise working in a range of sectors for clients who need to increase their business online.

Build a Trusted Brand

The only way to get to the top of Google organically is through merit, unlike paid search organic rankings cannot be bought. Being at the top of the search results grants your company a sense of authority that your consumers will respect. Over the course of our 15 years in business, we've established a distinctive process. Working with us will provide you with a competent and results-oriented service.
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