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What We Do & How We Do It


We will help rank your website on the first page of Google for relevant search terms to gain the targeted traffic your business or organisation needs. We do this through a clean and safe customised SEO strategy with quality content marketing at its core.

As you may well know, In order for a website to be found it needs to come high in the ranking on Google as determined by its algorithm. The most important factors of why a website is ranking high is quality of content and how many other websites are linking, or ‘pointing’ to it.

In an ideal world, you would not need to engage in an SEO strategy to rank high on Google or Bing. If your business was famous, people all over the internet would be linking to your site and content from different websites. This would gain you top Google positions for lots of lucrative search terms. Unfortunately that’s more than likely not true yet unless you are a major corporate brand, so the rest of us have to compete for ranking positions with strategic optimisation.

At one time website owners could just build a lot of random low quality backlinks and google would believe their site was important and rank it higher. These days Google’s algorithm is rather intelligent and will penalise or ban sites that do that.

We can however engage in clean and safe optimisation strategies and create the type of good content that Google actually wants to see linking to your site.

Who needs SEO?

Any business or organisation that would benefit from gaining organic targeted traffic to their website.

If there is a demographic of people who would use a search engine to try and find a company’s product, service or information they can benefit from gaining higher search engine rankings.

As the traffic is gained directly from those searching for information and solutions that can be found on a businesses website, it’s considered ‘warm’ and high value.

The benefits of an SEO strategy

The overall main benefit is gaining highly targeted organic (free) traffic.

More specifically it depends on the business type and the goals of the website.

If the goal is to sell products then the benefit is the opportunity to offer them to those actively looking for the product, if the business is offering services then the benefit is the opportunity to offer them to those actively looking for them.

Usually the overall benefit is to increase revenue and profit, but benefits can be broader and less financially focused such as gaining more brand visibility (for whatever reason) or website members etc.

Brand positioning and being seen next to competing businesses is also a benefit for some, or that people should simply be able to find their website using certain terms.

The SEO work we do

What our SEO strategy does: In short, we help the organic ranking of a website using the cleanest and safest methods (‘white hat’ & recommended by Google) to achieve first page / top 10 Google positions.

We do this by;

  • Optimising your website
  • Making your website more authoritative and relevant to search terms by creating high quality backlinks (links from other websites from high quality content).

On page optimisation: We audit your website to check it’s technical ability to rank and site health. We then use the data to optimise everything we can including site speed, images, alt tags and descriptions to align to your search terms and overall strategy. We also keep on optimising and checking things are aligned throughout your monthly strategy work.

Keyword Research: We use various tools and also manually find what search terms are relevant for your site to rank for, as well as finding any terms your site is already ranking for. We will do this for free in the initial stages of talking to you about an SEO strategy to give us both some insight into the possibilities of what can be achieved. It will also show us how competitive the terms are and what level of strategy will be required in line with your goals and timeframe.

Content Marketing & Link building

We work each month creating strategic content which is published on other websites, the articles include links to your main site (usually with keyword anchor text) and pass on ‘link juice’ to your main site aiding in it’s ranking on search engines.

Article Content: The content we create is written by our pool of professional writers (which as an agency we get excellent preferential rates for) that we can choose from according to your sector’s requirements. We guide them with specific briefs according to the needs of your sector and strategy.

Guest Posting: The websites we publish content to are either specifically aligned to your sector or we publish to more general high domain rated sites (with higher Metrics such as Domain Rating, Amount of traffic and low spam scores  – as rated by in a blog category relevant to your sector or search term. There are other deciding factors involved in choosing a website to guest post to such as choosing a site to help with UK rankings.

Satellite Blog: We also build a ‘satellite’ blog (package dependant) which is a blog that links to your main site with each post we publish. Satellite blogs are independent in domain (usually and in IP address so that google views them as separate from your own site. Over time with consistent content published each month, a satellite blog becomes a very powerful domain passing on serious ‘link juice’ to your main business website. It’s also a very safe and clean way to build links to your site and gives us lots of control over your specific strategy goals.

Satellite sites are usually set up when you are ready to upgrade from the starter package, get in touch and ask to see some examples of current clients sites.

Google friendly, safe linking: The guest posts and satellite blogs are the type of backlinking that Google wants to see in order to understand the importance of your site and rank it higher. We also build other links in a second tier to these high quality posts to boost their visibility and importance (to google). Keeping your website safe (from bans and rankdrop) and giving Google what it wants are our top priorities (along with ranking your site!).

Social media sharing: We also promote the published articles (guest & satellite blog posts) to social media platforms and gain links from the top business social media platforms (Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, X). These links also help boost the importance of the blog posts to Google. We can also create and maintain a facebook or twitterX profile specifically for your satellite blog which aids in it being accepted as an active property in your sector, further aiding in the natural linking Google’s algorithm wants to see.

Foundation Links: We keep a close eye on your linking profile, and as such all sites need to have a good base of links that are not keyworded. Google likes to see over 70% of your backlinks with either the full url or generic words as anchor text so we build these foundation links before starting keyword linking and continue to build them throughout the strategy. This enables the keyword backlinks to have the natural effect required for ranking.

Reporting: Unlike other agencies who will blind you with pages of boring technical science and not show you the actual work they are doing with generic automated pdfs, we do the opposite. Our reports sent at the start of each month (for the previous month’s strategy) show you clearly and exactly what we have done with screenshots and all the links built along with data of your keyword ranking positions. Plus you get a link to our rank tracking app so you can keep track in real time, anytime.

Regular Reviews: We will constantly review your rankings and will review your strategy with you every six months to assess any changes in direction (i.e. which search terms are most important), what we have achieved and what we believe we can achieve in the next six.

Your Return On Investment

It’s very important to us that we achieve your goals, it’s the lifeblood of our business. That’s why we only take on websites we are confident our strategies will work. All websites, searchterms and strategies are different and so the time it takes to achieve results varies. With most websites however we generally achieve around 5 – 15 first page positions in the first year and clients start to see a decent ROI in the second year with several top 3 positions in place, often upgrading their strategy package as we have gained their trust.

Engaging in an SEO strategy needs to be viewed as a long term investment, as the long term effect of having consistent free organic traffic to your site can transform your business and bottom line enormously.

Our SEO Strategy Packages

We like to create custom strategies as all websites are different and all keywords have different competition levels. However we have created some packages as a general guide to help clients understand what is involved.

We generally onboard new clients at around £500 per month with a starter strategy for the first year. This will allow us to show you what we can do and gain your trust for a minimal investment. After the first year (sometimes 6 months if things go well) most clients want to upgrade and invest around 1 – 2K per month with a higher level strategy which gains them solid long term rankings and ROI.

A very general starter package for local / regional search terms look something like this;

Monthly Starter SEO strategy Package

  • Keyword Research (initial and ongoing)
  • 10 Search Terms Actively Worked on
  • 20 Search Terms Reported on
  • Full site audit
  • On-site Optimisation (initial and ongoing)
  • 100 – 200 Initial Foundation Links (plain url, branded and generic anchotext)
  • 1 Sector / keyword relevant article written by professional SEO blog writer
  • 1 Article published as guest post on sector / category relevant blog with good metrics – medium-high domain rating (DR 30+) and low spam score
  • 50+ BackLinks built pointing to the published guest blog post from various high DA (domain authority) sites including .EDU authority site
  • Social media promotion of the guest post gaining around 50+ quality shares
  • 10+ Monthly foundation links from diverse sites with branded and url anchors for a natural link profile
  • Full detailed report outlining all work, links and keyword ranking positions sent at the start of the next month.
  • Help with on-site conversion and every 6 months review.

Usually it’s the items with an (such as ‘50+ BackLinks’ / “1 Article published”) that are the changeable custom factors aligned to how difficult your search terms are to rank for, which in turn determines our fee.

No Contract

If we believe we can help your website gain traction and can deliver the results you require, then we are confident you will stick with us and no contract is required. All we require is your understanding it will take us 3 to 6 months to see decent increased movement in search engine positioning. You are free to cancel the agreement at any time with one month’s notice.

First Month Free Offer

To help you get onboard, understand the strategy and gain your trust, we offer the first month of SEO for free. That way you can decide with a bit more insight as to if it is right for you with no commitment.


Join Us & Grow Your Business...

We work closely with a small amount of clients that are eager for success and are serious about transforming their business. We only take on those we are 100% confident that will gain them a substantial return on the investment. Talk with an EDOT3 director and find out if we can help you.